Bestsellers from TM F.O.X — bases and tops. Due to improved formula, their protection qualities against scratches and chips has become twice as reliable.

Top Holographic is a topcoat without tacky layer with glittering holographic particles.

New Formula is a new approach to the production of nail products. It includes an improved formula of our products provided with the best raw materials for tops, gel polishes and base coats.

Top Products

Acrylic gel
Top cover
Auxiliary liquids
Base cover


Special moments with F.O.X

Our #Моменты_FOX series is a collection of special moments you share with us.

F.O.X TM is often tagged on wedding photos, love-stories, videos from first walks with children and on travel photos. We are grateful that you trust us with the most valuable memories — and in these videos, we have tried to reflect the emotions that you share with us.

F.O.X Nails